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Xposure: Sucking heads in Houston
Kimsua Chay, staff reporter


(Photo by Kimsua Chay) 12:27 pm. Proof that you don't actually need a building to run a business in Chinatown. All you need is a bit of ingenuity and will like this old man running his shoe-repair business along some nameless side street.
Photo by Kimsua Chay

The Houston Water Wall, one of my friend's favorite spot in Houston. The Water Wall stands about 64 feet tall and pumps out approximately 11,000 gallons of water over both sides of the wall every minute.

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“So do you suck heads?” a hotel van driver asked.


“Naw … I tried it once but it just wasn't my thing,” I said. “What about you Powers, do you suck heads?”


“Me?” Mr. Powers asked. “Uhhh … No?”


Yes that was a strange conversation indeed. But that's how it went when our van driver found out that Mr. Powers and I were about to embark on a day trip to Houston just for some crawfish.


We flew to Houston for a day just for some crawfish. But not just any crawfish mind you, we were in search of a good ole Cajun crawfish boil. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Mr. Powers had no idea of what we were talking about during the "sucking heads" conversation until we got to Houston. So you can only imagine how clueless he was until I told him to try sucking on one of the little bugger's head once we were down there.


Welcome to the second edition of Xposure. This time my adventures have led me down south toward the hot and muggy town of Houston. Some of you might be wondering if I really did fly to Houston just for some crawfish. Well the answer is yes. But that's only because I've got this great perk that allows me to fly for free – that's a tease so don't ask because I won't tell.


Anyway, the planning for this trip was a lot easier compared to my New York trip due to the kind efforts of my friend Vany. I say this because Vany was nice enough to pick us up at the airport, show us around town and even gave me a couch to sleep on when I decided to stay the night in order to sample more of what Houston had to offer. All of it on short notice. Thanks, Vany.


Oh, and before I go, you want to know what caught my attention most about my short trip to Houston? It was this bakery called Chez Beignets. Why you ask? It's because I found myself standing in a Cajun bakery, owned and operated by a nice European couple, staring at an out-of-place Vietnamese pop singer's poster while I was waiting to order. And to top it off, there was even some Vietnamese music playing to boot.

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Kimsua Chay is a staff reporter for AsiaXpress.com. Kimsua can be reached at Kimsua.Chay@asiaxpress.com.

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