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18th annual AsiaXpress.com Tennis Tournament

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$20 Juniors (Green/Orange balls); $25 - Singles; $40 Per Doubles team.

Tournament Location:
Railbender Skate & Tennis Park, 10543 Twenty Mile Road Parker, CO
Tournament Dates/Time:
Aug. 27th, 9am - 6pm; Aug 28th, 9am - 6pm(Your first match time is posted below)
Singles Tournament begins:
Sat, Aug. 27th @ 9AM for most singles
DoublesTournament for certain brackets begins:
Sat, Aug. 27th in the late afternoon ~4pm
Other DoublesTournament begins:
Sun, Aug. 28th @ 9am
Rain and/or delayed matches
Mon, Aug 30th 6pm

One (1) free lunch voucher per person per day while still in draw. Please show up 30 minutes before your scheduled match.


Men's O
Men's A
Men's B
Men's C
Men's Novice
Women's A
Women's B
Women's C
Juniors A
Juniors B
Mixed Dbl A
Mixed Dbl B
Mixed Dbl C


    • July 22nd - Tournament announcement and links are online. Note change in Venue this year!
    • August 14th - There's a email queue issue with Godaddy, if you've submitted an entry and do not see it, it's probably in the queue. Godaddy is working on this and will have it fix soon. Once that is done, we'll have the entries updated.
    • August 22nd - 2 more days to register! Late fee are in effect. Please check your emails Thursday for your match time.
    • August 23rd - This year we will help raise funds for the Hien Do Foundation. For our part, we will provide FREE bottle drinks (while supplies lasts). In return, please pay it forward by donating to her foundation whatever you feel is appropriate! Hien Do has cooked for our tournament players in the past, now let's show her our gratitude by helping her feed the victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam. For more info, please visit Hien Do Foundation.
    • August 24th - Registration closed. We are working on the brackets now.
    • August 25th - Draws and start time are up.