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AsiaXpress.com's history

At AsiaXpress.com, our mission is to illuminate, document and promote empowerment and community for Asian Americans in Colorado.


We strive to chronicle stories that are relevant to the contemporary Asian-American experience and identity. We do not sway the truth in favor of any agendas, and we fully adhere to journalistic ethics and principles. We do not discriminate – our interests transcend national, ethnic, socioeconomic, sexual and generational barriers within the Asian-American community.


Asian Americans at large are at a “loss” for cultural identity. As both an Asian and American publication, we believe in illuminating the points of convergence between the American lifestyle and the Asian experience. We aim to empower Asian Americans to create their own identity in society.


AsiaXpress.com began in 1999 when an ambitious group of volunteers and professionals joined together and seized an opportunity to express their passion for Asian-American culture. At the time, mainstream media outlets did not pay much attention to positive Asian-American issues or people, instead focusing on stories that placed a negative light on the Asian-American community. Although many Asian-American publications filled this void for years, most only catered to niche ethnic circulations. Team AsiaXpress.com worked hard to change the public perception of Asian Americans and became the first and only united online Asian-American voice in Denver.


In 2000, the site became a fixture in the Denver community, landing itself on “Colorado’s top 100 web sites” by the Rocky Mountain News. Today, team AsiaXpress.com continues to deliver top-notch stories that illuminate the Asian-American experience.

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