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Girls perform a traditional dance during the Karen Community's "A Moment to Reflect" on May 22 at South High School in Denver. (Photo by Joe Nguyen/AsiaXpress.com)

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Karen community hosts 'A Moment to Reflect'

Event commemorates memorial of past Karen president, showcases entertainment of Burmese community

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DENVER – The Karen community hosted its event, "A Moment to Reflect," on May 22 at South High School.


The event marked the two-year anniversary of the death of Saw Ba Thin Sein, the former chairman of the Karen National Union in Burma.


"We keep the day alive to make sure the generations remember Burma," said Drucie Bathin, Sein's daughter. "Look back and look forward."


The event featured a variety of entertainment, poetry and speeches from representatives of different ethnic communities from Burma who are living in Colorado.

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