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They're here to get your smiles. From left, Akihiko Naruse, Kengo Hioki and Kotaro Tsukada, otherwise known as Peelander Green, Yellow and Red, make up the Japanese action comic punk band Peelander-Z. The group plays on March 31 at Larimer Lounge. (Courtesy The Planetary Group)


Peelander-Z beams into Larimer Lounge in Denver

Japanese action comic punk rockers are coming to Colorado looking for smiles

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Peelander-Z at Larimer Lounge


Larimer Lounge

2721 Larimer St.
Denver, CO 80205


8 p.m. on Wednesday, March 31

$8 [Buy tickets]

21 and up
For more information, go to www.larimerlounge.com.

On the web

Official Web site of Peelander-Z

Peelander-Z's MySpace page

DENVER – Looking to refuel on Colorado smiles, the beings known as Peelander-Z are beaming into town on March 31 at Larimer Lounge.


"We are not Japanese, we are not American, we are not human beings. We are Peelander-Z," said Peelander Yellow, or Kengo Hioki as he's known here on Earth. "We came from Peelander planet to come see your smile.


"We will get your smile and then we are going to get energy and we give our energy to you. This is a new communication."


The self-described "Japanese action comic punk" rockers from New York are known for their high-energy, chaotic shows. Something like the Power Rangers meeting the Ramones, the group's live performances include plenty of audience participation, limbo dances, jump-roping and, of course, their trademark human bowling.


"We're a Power Ranger-style, happy, happy type of band," Hioki said.


The group is in the middle of its two-month M.I.K.E. Tour across the U.S., named for their latest single, "So Many Mike." After a European tour in May, Hioki said the group plans on recording their next studio album during the summer. It will be a CD/DVD that is planned for a September release.


In the meantime, they are driving across country spreading their message of having fun.


"We change your life because it's good music, it's fun," he said. " ... Life is short. If you can have fun, you can enjoy your life.


"I can teach you how to have fun in your life."

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