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CDBF seeks donations with '10 for '10' campaign

Organizers look to raise $20,000 due to stagnant economy, decreased funding

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DENVER – The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival is looking to raise $20,000 in 2010 with its "10 for '10" campaign.


Citing a stagnant economy and decreased funding, CDBF organizers are reaching out to the general public for donations. With the campaign, organizers are asking people to donate $10 to help reach their goal.


"The state of the economy is challenging for everybody – including non-profit organizations," organizers wrote on the CDBF website. "Because of the current climate, charitable donations and funding from grants and foundations has dropped to new and unexpected lows."


The CDBF have partnered with GivingFirst.org, a Denver-based nonprofit group that helps other nonprofits fundraise. One hundred percent of the donations will go directly toward the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.


For more information about the "10 for '10" campaign, go to www.cdbf.org/floatourboats.htm.

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